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Why Hire CS&S

Whether you are facing a complicated legal situation or are in the midst of establishing your business, it is in your best interest to work with a firm that will work with you in a manner that is dedicated, driven and above all, invested in your success. With CS&S, you have the benefit of over 50 years of experience and hard-earned reputation at your disposal.

Our priority is to represent you and your business interests to the best of our estimable abilities through negotiation or litigation as the situation demands. Given our extensive experience in managing both trials and motions, not to mention contracts and other delicate negotiations, we endeavor to aptly and ably influence the outcome of your case in an ethical and competent manner.

CS&S represents each and every client, large or small, with readiness, skill and care. Every case presents its own unique challenges and considerations,

Consequently, CS&S has a built a staff with a wide array of specialties to address any need a client might be facing. Not only can we provide comprehensive legal representation, our staff works closely together as an integrated team so that all of our clients benefit from the knowledge and experience of our entire organization.

At CS&S, we care about our clients. To us you are never merely a file but a vital member of our community deserving of our respect and full attention. When you call our office, you will speak to your lawyer, not a paralegal. One of the benefits of working with a firm of our size is that you will not fall through the cracks. We are all accountable to you and value your time as well as your business.

Our team of attorneys has successfully represented a variety of clients, ranging from entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 companies. We recognize that you have many choices when partnering with a law a firm. When you hire CS&S, we hope to give you confidence in the knowledge you have hired a team that will do everything it can to ensure you receive the best results possible.