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Family Law

CS&S represents individuals going through the hardship of their marriage ending in divorce or anyone who has issues remaining after a divorce has been finalized. We understand that these matters are extremely difficult and emotions run high. Our attorneys will treat you with the utmost respect and compassion, while ensuring that your interests are protected to the greatest degree possible, and that you always have a professional representative during every stage of the process. We can represent you in all domestic relations matters, including:

Divorce – Our divorce attorneys have years of experience and the expertise necessary to achieve the best outcome possible for you in any type of divorce proceedings. We handle contested and uncontested divorces, spousal support and alimony, and high value divorce cases. We can also represent you in a collaborative divorce or a military divorce.

Child Support and Custody – Child support and custody issues are can be extremely trying for everyone involved. While everyone seems to agree that the child’s interests should be paramount, there is often bitter disagreement over how to achieve that end. Let our attorneys work to bring about the best result for you and your child.

Maintenance – Spousal maintenance and alimony can be the most contentious aspect of divorce proceedings. We can represent your interests in divorce court or in settlement negotiations to ensure that your financial well-being is protected.

Paternity Actions – Paternity actions exist to legally establish the identity of the biological father of the child through DNA tests or other scientific methods. Such actions may be taken by the father, to establish his right to visitation, by the mother, in order to seek child support, or for other reasons. Our experienced attorneys can assist you with all paternity matters.

Adoption – CS&S attorneys are skilled in representing clients in all adoption matters. We can represent you in a family adoption, in which a child is adopted by a step-parent, relative, or other family member. We can also assist with child welfare adoptions, such as when the child is currently under the supervision of the state. We are knowledgeable and experienced in regards to interstate and international adoptions as well.

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