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Government Relations and Regulatory Services

When a government body is accused of violating the law, whether it is a high-profile civil rights case, a detailed regulatory issue, or a dispute involving a contract with a private party, CS&S is the firm of choice. Our attorneys have extensive experience defending cities, municipalities, and state agencies in a variety of claims involving:

Civil rights violations – A civil rights lawsuit can be among the greatest challenges a municipality may face. Claims under the Federal Civil Rights Act, section 1983, have no cap on damages, and successful plaintiffs may collect attorney fees. In addition, if the conduct of a governmental actor is judged to be malicious, that individual may have personal liability as well. Whether the case is one of police misconduct, lack of due process, or violation of equal protection, our attorneys have the knowledge and skills to mount the best defense possible.

Zoning issues – Our governmental clients know that zoning, land use and planning can be among the most contentious areas of local law. When zoning issues arise and a governmental body needs legal representation or counsel, CS&S has the expertise required. We can advise municipalities on matters of rezoning, variances, development, permits and regulation, and environmental planning.

Construction disputes – Construction disputes between municipalities or state agencies and private construction firms are not uncommon. We provide cities with skilled representation in litigation matters, and we can also provide counsel in an effort to prevent a dispute from becoming a lawsuit. Our attorneys have detailed knowledge of construction law, which is essential in handling these complex matters. We represent clients in matters involving public works, road construction, breach of contract, work delays, and many other construction-related cases.

Business and contract disputes – CS&S represents governmental bodies in a variety of business and contract matters. Legal disputes often arise between municipalities and private contractors who have agreed to provide services. When a city does business with a private party, the same possibility of contract litigation exists as between two private individuals. We bring our extensive business law experience to bear in protecting the interests of the governmental bodies we represent.

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