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Louisville Business Attorneys: Conliffe, Sandmann & Sullivan, PLLC

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In 1883, the first electric light was switched on in Louisville, Kentucky, when inventor Thomas Edison brought his famous incandescent light bulb to the Southern Exposition. Eighty-one years later another light bulb went on in Louisville – at least figuratively speaking. It was the idea that the law could illuminate truth and light a path to success for businesses and individuals alike. For over 50 years, Conliffe, Sandmann & Sullivan, PLLC (CS&S) has adhered to this principle.

CS&S was founded in 1964 in Louisville, Kentucky and has been providing superb legal service to its wide range of clients ever since. CS&S is dedicated to providing legal services to businesses, large and small, and individuals in Louisville, Kentucky as well as surrounding counties in Southern Indiana and Ohio. We currently have attorneys licensed in five states. As a smaller law firm, we are able to provide our clients with individualized customer service.

Like Edison, we believe in innovation and protecting the interests of those who have aligned their pursuits with the spirit of honest effort. We provide an array of legal services for individuals and for companies of all sizes, including:

At CS&S, we put a premium on providing superb legal service to our clients, from those in Louisville to the nearby counties of Indiana and Ohio and beyond. We endeavor to resolve disputes swiftly and successfully and believe in focused, thorough work.

As a boutique firm, we are able to act quickly and decisively on the part of our clients. CS&S presently has attorneys licensed to practice in multiple states. Given our breadth, depth and passion for serving the needs of our clients, we are able to offer a level of individualized service seldom seen in larger firms.

Moreover, the  members of CS&S represent some of the best and brightest attorneys in Kentucky. Our team has superior and distinguished peer review ratings in Martindale-Hubbell, our industry’s peer reviewed legal assessment of service. Likewise, several of our partners have been featured in Louisville’s “Super Lawyers” publication for their experience in various areas of law including, Business Litigation, Construction and Defense. Additionally, many members of our firm have been featured in Louisville Magazine’s “Top Lawyers” edition for their excellence in their respective fields of law.

Whether you’re seeking an attorney in Louisville, Kentucky, or beyond, CS&S looks forward to providing you and your business exemplary legal service.